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SonaOne - Firefly Chord

SonaOne - Firefly Chord

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Intro: C Am D Em

Rap: C Am D Em (Loop)

You had a blue dress on
Next to the podium
Lookin so pretty
Lookin doper than opium
Lookin my way
Lookin right back
Thinkin' I ain't ever seen a woman like that
You was chillin' with your girls
I was chillin' with the DJ
Didn't make a move right away
That's Chiché
Now it was the end of the evening
You was gone and all I could do was
Thinkin' hope to see you again in the weekend

I wanna go out with you
Am D
Would you wanna go out with me for a drink?
Cause I think I really like you
Cm Am
Don't worry bout them other girls around me
Cause you're the only one
I see

C Am
Girl you are my firefly
D Em
You're the only one I see in the dark
C Am
Won't you light my fire tonight
D Em
You're the only one I need in my heart

C Am D Em
Girl you are my Fire
C Am D Em
Girl you are my Fire

Rap: C Am D Em (Loop)

So I was like: Stop!
Wait a minute
Can we just chill and kick it?
We in the house girl mlykrd
Come on let's get evicted
The night ain't over yet
So Baby where you headed?
I don't have your number yet
So Baby can I get it
Cause I

Ulang *

Ulang Chorus

I wanna be yours tonight
Take me home tonight
I know you wanna
I - I know
C Am
There ain't no other girl in the world
All I see is You
All I see is You, You

Ulang Chorus


Title: SonaOne - Firefly Chord
Artist: Sonaone
Rate: 4 dari 5
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