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Butterfingers - Yo Mama Chord

Butterfingers - Yo Mama Chord

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Verse 1 :

  G           C              A             G
I see you in your office sending and receiving cheques,
  G           C                 A             G
but I know the quest for money comes from a quest for sex,
  G           C              A             G
so I cut to the chase and forgot about my job,
  G           C              A             G
and decided to stay home with your mama on my knob.
  G           C              A               G
I can see you laughing so I guess you think its funny,
  G           C              A                G
but while your gettin' drunk i've been gettin' honey,
  G           C               A              G
and by tomorrow night you will be hungover and sick,
  G           C                A             G
and i'll be at my home with your mama on my dick.

Chorus :

  C                                  A     G
Cause your mamas on the top of my things to do list (4x)

Verse 2 :

*Same chords as verse 1.

Thinkin' your the man but I am bringing news,
our manhood's being measured by the woman that we choose,
and you can't respect if all you ever pick is sluts,
so i'll be stayin' home to let your mama suck my nuts.

No guitar

Eat more fruit, plant more trees,
learn to shoot, travel overseas,
wash the dog, read a book,
find three chinese recipes to cook,
learn the waltz and speak maltese,
ferment to invent a better fetta cheese,
the highest they come is number two,
because number one on my list of things to do is your..
...mama,mama,mama...your mama,mama,mama...
your mama,mama,mama, your mama,mama,mama.

Guitar comes in with same chord pattern-G,C,A,G
               G  C   A   G
Shes always on tooooooppppp,(8x)


Title: Butterfingers - Yo Mama Chord
Artist: Butterfingers
Rate: 4 dari 5
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