ACAB - We Are The Youth Chord

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There was a time when the world went wrong
There was a time thought that i was strong
Never really care for anyone
Never really care if the sun goes down
'Cause the wrath of OI! was far from dead
Let me bled the street of the city red
But like a warrior i am,i had fought and survived

the darkest days and time of life

             D5                             E5
For all the years of suffering and all the years of broken heart
C#5                            F#5
 We will remember when the revolution started
And now like a warrior that i was meant to be
         D5                                       E5
I will stand in this ground with pride and dignity

                    A5                D5
'Cause we are the youth,we are the truth
E5                                      A5
 We had survived the darkest times of life
             F#5              D5
We are the youth,we are the truth
     E5                                 A5
Our turn will come and we will have our day


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