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Superman Is Dead - The Broken Song Chord

Superman Is Dead - The Broken Song Chord

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A5    E5
I look up the sky it's nothing there could make me smile
  D5   A5
And the moon is dark it's time to let you go
  A5    E5
The scratches in my heart I know it's real but feel so fake
I could never'

 A5    E5
Cos when I look back so many things I should regret
 D5   A5
My insecurity won't dry to pull you down
  A5   E5
All this things surrounding me is never compromise
  D5   A5
Bring the devil get outta my side

  E5   A5
This broken heart and broken life
  E5 D5  A5
I've made it all no turning back
  E5   A5
Now should I stay here with no lights
  E5 D5  A5
Or should I go for one last try

  A5    E5
The brighter side of me is grey so hard to make it white
  D5  A5
And the reasons just completely out of sight
  A5   E5
I'll come back and try when I know I'm a better man
 D5    A5
Then again that will never come true

  E5  A5
I wonder why we say good bye
  E5  D5 A5
Wonder why I fucked up everything
  E5   A5
And just today I've found it why
  E5  D5 A5
Like they say some was born to lose


Title: Superman Is Dead - The Broken Song Chord
Artist: Superman Is Dead
Rate: 4 dari 5
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